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Anonymous asked: You're such an inspiration, I hope things are going well for you! Your conceptual photography absolutely blows me away, and you as a person shine with great character. understanding the world through a lens is an amazing talent agh thank you for everything xox

eeeee thank you! best wishes babe x

Anonymous asked: Can you show your lip tattoo?


Anonymous asked: Omg you're seeing lana in philly?! I just found out today she's gonna be here and my friend and I tried to buy tickets but they're sold out :(

they were sold out when I got mine! get them on stubhub, they still have a ton. you have to pay lots extra…but it’s lana. I’d pay anything haha. we can dance together :)

seeinglifethroughacameralens asked: Hiiii!! I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to take pictures of people and expand my photography in general. It's become my happiness and what I want to do for the rest of my life. Thank you!!

photography is fucking amazing

Anonymous asked: seriously the picture of you and eric with the gun gave me goosebumps in the best way possible. fucking love it boo

thank you :) I love when people tell me they like it. you get me!

tayl-r-13 asked: How do you get the "unicorn" hair? Lol I was wondering because I love it a lot and plan on doing that when 9th grade ends. And you are amazing at photography, any tips about places and about ideas or how to like yourself in photos you don't really look at while taking?

you have to look at the pictures you take when you take them!! that way if it looks dumb you can pin point what’s wrong and try again.

I used pastels to do the unicorn hair. I wet my hair and literally drew on my hair with colored pastels. then I curled them because that sets the color in. and then hair spray…that way it doesn’t come off as much…and then I add Moroccan oil so the color has a more saturated look

i-heart-you-and-tacos asked: I didn't know you had a lip tattoo! Can you post a picture?

there is one on @smokingdaisies

it says MEOW

Anonymous asked: you'll totally post some photos of your wedding and dress right? do you think you can give us a brief description of your dress? it's vintage right !:)

yes :) I don’t have the dress in my possession yet, but as long as I can get everything on schedule and actually get married when I’m planning on getting married, then I should have it. it isn’t vintage but it’s not your standard David’s bridal basic thing. it’s unique and gorgeous :)

Anonymous asked: Would you ever consider coming to Minnesota?

I’d go anywhere


I don’t know!! I’m seeing her in Philly doe 🙊

Anonymous asked: did ur lip tattoo hurt?

it was bearable, but I’d be lying if I said it felt good